Artist Statement

Methods and Process

A lifelong fascination with nature and the organic form, combined with 20-years’ experience in the industrial model and pattern trade, has been my inspiration and educational lead into wood sculpture. I work primarily in black walnut and cherry, both locally abundant hardwoods near my northeastern Ohio home, and I maintain a large stockpile of logs, most of which I cut and haul home myself. The wood requires seasoning for years before it can be carved.

I visualize and compose relative to the central axis and grain pattern of the chosen log section. Although carvings are roughed out with a chainsaw, the bulk of the work is accomplished with hand cutting tools, many of which are of my own make and design. Great attention is given to surface textures and values within the piece. A mix of linseed oil and turpentine is my basic finish which requires a good deal of time to establish.

I prefer the discipline of using hand cutting tools and the constant maintenance and attention that they require. My approach to sculpture is one of classical realism in which my handling of the subject matter and medium are a direct appeal to the viewer’s sense of beauty and the appreciation of the skill of human hands.

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